CWOP Ministries

 A Loving Place for Loving People,Intercessory Prayer, Outreach for Women, Premarital Counseling, 
Marriage and Family Counseling, Christian Discipleship, and an Innovative Ministry Seeking to Reach the World

CWOP's Ministries Team

Lady Lisa Banks

CWOP Ministries Co-Founder/Director
Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Advocate

Sis. Barbara Collier

CWOP Ministries Team Domestic Violence Advocacy Ministry Leader
Domestic Violence Ministry Leader

Sis. Nichole McDaniel

CWOP Ministries Outreach Ministry Leader
Outreach Ministry Leader

CWOP's Ministry Team

Our Team

Sis. Valerie Brock

CWOP Ministries Team 
Outreach Ministry Team

Sis. Maketra Brown-Edwards

CWOP Ministries Team  
Outreach Ministry Team

Sis. Passion Nelson

CWOP Ministries Team 
Outreach Ministry Team